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Let me say to my atheist friends, and those of you who say that to believe in God is foolish.

Come Let us reason together for a moment:

First let me say that:
Everyone believes in God!

How can I say that? I will qualify it, so please bear with me.

Let me explain.
Whatever your philosophy, whatever your theory, rational thinking and intelligence will always bring you to the conclusion that there has to be something that is infinite and eternal.  There was a first cause! There had to be a first cause. This first cause had to be causeless. If not God, then certainly something Godlike.  A causeless cause!

 In the past Scientist believed that the Universe itself was infinite and eternal.
But modern investigation has shown that the universe had a beginning and it has an outer boundary; it doesn’t go on forever!

 So the universe cannot be God. It can’t be the cause.

 One might believe that matter is eternal and infinite.
But it seems that through scientific investigation,  matter also had a beginning, as well as time. Most scientists believe that matter, time, and energy were created in what they call the “Big Bang,”  so matter and time can’t be God, they can’t be the first cause.

 If you believe in the “Big Bang,” it cannot be the first cause, because there had to be something that "went bang," something that exploded something that matter, time, energy and space came from. And then there had to be laws that governed the explosion, else why would it even explode?

 Even if you believe that the Universe came into existence from a quantum bleep, an anomaly of randomness against a sea of higher dimensional space or multiple universes, There still had to be something eternally existing from which this randomness operated, a fabric from which universes are woven. There still had to be laws of randomness that were either eternal and Godlike or come from something which was itself infinite and Godlike.

 Whatever you choose to believe, when you take it to its logical beginning, there had to be something causeless and eternal. Something that was God. Something that started it all; something that was a causeless eternal foundation.

 So whether you believe in evolution or special creation, this cause produced living, intelligent, conscience beings!

 Why is it so hard to conclude that this cause itself may be alive, intelligent and conscience?

 So logic says there is a God, something infinite and eternal. As an atheist, would it not be safe to say, that you really do believe in a God, but that you believe that God is not living, intelligent or conscience. Therefore giving reality no true purpose to its existence.

But you cannot logically deny that something eternal and infinite must exist.

 But when you look around you, when you witness the complexity of living things, of the universe, when you marvel at the existence of thought, intelligence, consciousness;

When you see that particles of space and matter on the quantum level act and react differently in relation to the presence of an observer;

 In the face of all of these facts, How can you possibly criticize those who chose to believe in a God who is living, intelligent, and conscious; A purposeful first cause?

 I know this itself does not answer all the questions about God. But neither does science or any explanation. The fact is there has to be a God out there, that is infinite and eternal, living or not, that is beyond our experience. This itself concludes that we can never know all there is to know about that God whatever form you believe him to be.

But it is reasonable to conclude that that God may be living, conscious and intelligent.  I understand it takes faith to accept that and believe it, but it is not without evidence. It also takes faith to believe that this eternal first cause was meaningless mindless and purposeless. Can you honestly look around you and conclude that?  If that God is living and had a purpose in mind, it is logical that he would probably want us to seek him, and he has probably tried to communicate his will for us to us.  Of course we will only know for sure if one day we are actually allowed to meet him.

The question is will you be ready to do just that?