JoyNet Bible Studies and Bible Study Tools. Exhausted Library of Study Tools for the Seasoned as well as beginner.  

Harvestime Course
A two-year course in evangelism and church-planting for pastors and church workers.

Global Ministry Course
A two-year course in radical Christian discipleship for missionaries and community development workers

Cybermissions Course
A 12 week course in using the Internet for evangelism and missions.

Fast-Track Modules
50 short courses on a wide variety of topics.

Courses In Thai,   Tagalog, Russian and Spanish

S= Short Course
H=Harvestime Module

Become a Christian
Reading the Bible
Christian Starter-Kit
Learn about Jesus (S)
Basic Christianity

Bible Study Tools
In-Depth Bible Study
Bible Reading Plan
Brief Old Testament Survey (EB)
Basic Bible Survey - OT
Basic Bible Survey - NT
Correct Application Of OT (S)
Bible Study/Exegetical articles
Creative Bible Study (H)

Christian Sexuality (EB)
Pastoral Counseling Issues

Kingdom Living (H)
Knowing God's Voice (H)
Shattering Shame
Biblical EQ (Emotions)

Christian Leadership
Management By Objectives
Biblical Management Princ. (H)
Beyond Denominations
Environmental Analysis
The Masterful Mind
Emotional Integrity
Biblical World-View
Mobilization Methodologies
Developing A Ministry Plan (pdf)
Methodology of Multiplication
Power Principles

Easy English Resources




How To Pray For The Lost
Practical Prayer Evangelism
Praying The Price Of Revival

Articles On Evangelism
Articles On Missions
Bible Studies on Missions
Missions Links
Training In Cybermissions
Web-Evangelism Guide
Urban Ministry (S)
Leaven-Like Evangelism
Strategies For The Harvest
Chinese Christianity Links

Post-Denominationalism (S)
Temples & Tithes (S)
Terrorism (S)
Cults & Controversies (S)
Christian Ethics

The Bible And Politics (S)
A Theology of Politics

Aims and Beliefs 
Enrol In An AIBI Course
Interaction Center
Help With The Interaction Center
How To Use The AIBI

How To Study At The AIBI 
Assessment Center
How To Do Your 1500 word Assignment
Course Facilitators Guide

Free Web-Based Email  

Free Daily Bible Study
Asian Bible Colleges
Links, General Interest
Spiritual Fractals

Free Christian Ebooks on dozens of topics.

Altar Counselors Guide
Prayer 101
Spiritual Warfare Course
Spiritual Warfare Strategies
Solution-Focused Faith

Healing 101
Articles about healing
Are there apostles today?
Baptism in the Spirit
Emotional Healing
Battle For The Body

Urban Ministry (S)
Prison Ministry (H)
Women's Ministry

Teaching Tactics (H)

Articles On Theology
Life And Ministry of Jesus (S)

Church HistoryS)(S)
The Heavenly Realms (EB)
The Kingdom of Heaven (S)
Ministry of The Holy Spirit (H)
Foundations Of Faith (H)




Blue Letter Bible an extremely useful site for searching the Scriptures and various commentaries both ancient and modern. Includes Greek and Hebrew resources. Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryOne of my favorite sites - just about any Christian classic you can name and heaps of Bible resources. Thousands of online books and very easy to use. The International Christian Library a great place to start searching for Christian resources on the Internet. Very logically arranged with high-quality links and a wide range of resources. The Virtual Seminary Just about everything a bible college student needs all in one place and logically organized.
American Bible Society - the website of the American Bible Society which engages in bible translation and distribution. Apologia Report a very smart website dedicated to researching sects, cults and heresies and defending the Christian faith. Associates For Biblical Research A really interesting and professional site on Biblical archaeology and the latest finds in the Middle East. Bible Commentary Page Hundreds of online commentaries you can study everything from Wesley’s notes on Habakkuk to Calvin's commentary on Zephaniah.
Bible Gateway Search dozens of bible translations in many languages including Tagalog. The Revised King James New Testament A modern translation based on the KJV and FREE of copyright so anyone can use it. Bible Translator Tools Some helpful tools for those engaged in bible translation. Bible Places Great photos and descriptions of hundreds of sites in Israel, the Middle East and Greece. Makes the Bible come alive.
Bibles.Net Search numerous bible translations commentaries and aids to the Bible and some great classic Christian documents. Scripture Resources.Com A combined bible societies initiative to help you find, view and even purchase bibles in a wide variety of languages. Can read online as well. Still has a few glitches but is useful. New Testament Gateway New Testament scholarship from the University of Birmingham. Some content may not be evangelical but much is worth reading. Links to many NT scholarship sites. Biblical Hebrew a site devoted to explaining Biblical Hebrew and how it sheds light on the Bible. A few glitches still but OK.
 The Greek New Testament Gateway Links to Greek resources on the Web. Search the Greek NT, and learn NT Greek Chinese and English Bibles Online Just what it says! Chinese and English bibles online including an interlinear version. The Unbound Bible Download bibles and bible portions for free including bibles in Cebuano, Vietnamese and Tagalog (portion only). The Ecole Initiative All the early Church History resources you could ever want. An absolutely massive compilation of scholarly material and ancient texts.
 John Mark Ministries -- An excellent site dedicated to resourcing pastors. Has thousands of articles. Includes online counseling for pastors under stress. Run by a very experienced pastor.  Project Wittenberg Resources on Luther and Lutheranism. Great for those studying the Reformation.  World-Wide Study Bible Study resources on the Bible including the Apocrypha. Links to commentaries, translations and resources on that section of Scripture.  Executable Outline Series Over 1000 sermon outlines. Ranked number one in its category by both Google and Yahoo. Very useful for the busy preacher.
 Ez Illustrator A site that makes it very easy to find just the right story for your sermon.  4-11 Foundation Taking its cue from Ephesians 4:11 the site provides bible study material designed to help mature believers. Extensive.  Bible Database Free bible software and Christian software in many languages.  Project Gutenberg Thousands of out of copyright classic texts of both Christian and non-Christian books, free to download.

East Midlands School Of Christian Ministry
Online ministry training material with a strong pastoral emphasis.

Apologetics Index
A massive collection of materials on cults, sects and heresies.
Religion News Blog
Daily ticker of the lastest religion news with a special emphasis on cults.
Missionary work in cyberspace,
cybermissions, Internet evangelism, includes training course.

Christian Digital Library Foundation
Christian classics, ebooks and resources

Parakletos Ministries
A "helper" ministry
seeking to serve the body of Christ with information and resources.
Centre For Mission Direction
Missions awareness, mobilization and support, New Zealand based and excellent.
Caleb Project
Missions emphasis on unreached people groups, missions resources and mobilization.
Minister’s Links All sorts of useful material and links for pastors, evangelists, missionaries, theologians, youth workers etc. God Rules.Net Another huge collection of searchable bible resources. Includes Josephus and also Edersheims Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah Apologetics Index Cults and false religion –what they believe and how to counter them. A highly professional site by Anton Hein. Easy English World from Wycliffe Bible Translators UK commentaries and bible study resources in “Easy English” for people who speak English as a 2nd language.